First birthday number 5

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Financial independence is an integral element of personal independence, though. That's why there isn't any inconsistence. Therefore, all your opportunities in each specific situation are based on your wish to preserve your freedom without losing anything. And all your abilities are focused on achieving this particular result. At one point in your life you must have understood that if you want to succeed, you should be as proactive as you can reasonably be, where necessary, contribute a fair share to everything you may be involved in, and never attempt to use others for pulling your chestnuts out of the fire.

Happy Birthday Balloons:

Consequently, you won't have to live off handouts, but are sure to get a well-deserved piece of the pie. Thus, you will both maintain your independence and stand to gain. For people with the Birthday Number 5, freelance professions are the ideal choice. In other words, Fives need no strict nine-to-six job with a lunch break, but the one giving flexibility to work when they want.

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It makes some people feel too relaxed and disoriented, but mobilizes others. You are of the second type. It is very important for you to know that everything you do, you do voluntarily out of your own free will, and for the sake of your goals. Therefore, when choosing a profession you should simply transform your internal needs into practical opportunities. Just pick what you like and master it.

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People of your type generally find long-term commercial projects, as well as careers that involve extensive business trips, lots of travelling, and flexible hours, extremely appealing. You can be equally successful both in retail and politics. For you, having to throw in your lot with someone who doesn't understand your philosophy is equal to losing mobility in the limbs.

Worse still, is to reject an alliance with someone whose attitude to life is completely the opposite. Quite a paradox, isn't it? Nothing of the kind! You are a rolling stone by nature.

Cakes for 1st Birthday

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