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Cancers basically invented ghosting.
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The right side of the brain processes spacially, emotionally and creatively, through feelings, impressions and intuitive flashes of insight. In a Gemini, the two halves of the mind are more separate than most. These two sides don't play well together in Gemini and this is particularly true in men. Unless they have a strong emphasis on balancing qualities in their charts , Gemini men tend to be emotionally immature. The lack of communication between the dual sides of their natures makes them polarize to one extreme or the other. Most Geminis tend to default to their logical, rational side while some default to feeling their way through life, but all will swing to the opposite side when they are triggered, and quite a few teeter between these extremes all the time.

The air element loves to detach! He prefers to observe his emotions from a slight distance and to describe his feelings rather than to experience them. However detached he can be, half of Gemini is a welter of emotion and insecurity all the time.

Who Broke Up With Whom?

He doesn't usually realize it, and when he does, he tries hard not to show it. A Gemini is capable of extreme jealousy, even before you break up with him. In fact, this might be why you left him in the first place. Be certain that if he was jealous while you were together, even if he managed to hide it from you, he will be even more jealous after you break up no matter which of you initiated the split.

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Gemini can detach from his emotions more effectively than any other sign if only for some of the time. When he swings from reasonable acceptance to heated jealousy or turgid depression, it can be a shock. A Gemini man will forget what he did only yesterday, and can easily believe himself completely incapable of such behavior. There is an odd gap in him. A Gemini can swear he loves you one day, then the next, wonder out loud why he was so stupid as to get together with you at all. This crazy-making ambiguity is likely to carry on long after you break up. Gemini men are divided against themselves.

A Gemini often believes his ex to be capable of horrors because suppressed emotional energy causes him to visualize frightening and painful scenarios which he assumes are real. Once you break up with a Gemini man, you may need to get some distance from him while he goes through the pain and confusion in his mind triggered by the breakup. If he ended things, he will change his mind over and over.

He may want you back then reject you, drive you crazy with hope and then abandon you again. He definitely wants to leave you unless you act like you are moving on. When you date other men, he acts as if you have stabbed him in the heart. But jealous?

What To Expect From A Gemini Who Wants To Breakup, By Zodiac Sign

Not him! He is far too reasonable for that according to him, but you'd never know it by his behavior. He is so good at denying what you both know he is doing that you may wonder if you are imagining things. If you broke up with him though, he may truly be shattered. A Gemini's attachments go far deeper than he realizes. He probably never knew how much he needed you until you left, and now his whole world is broken and it's all your fault. He'll get over it, but it will be hard for him. The idea of another man in your bed is horribly triggering for him.

On even days he will curse and blame, and on odd days he will beg and wheedle. Hold tight to your emotional center. Place your own needs firmly first and don't allow him to manipulate you with guilt he is a master at that. The relationship is over; his life belongs to himself, and you are responsible only for yours. Initially, you may enjoy such things, but later it can be a headache for you. As Gemini can be handled by sudden ignorance, cancer cannot be. If you do so, be ready to face a lot of melodramas. Now practically you need to be out of station for a long period of time, to break the relationship for good.

Pin on Astrology - Zodiac Signs and Secrets

It will take time, but without this, there is no other way to break up with cancer. But Venus — Moon combination can make the situation more difficult to handle. Cancer really find it very difficult to forget any person completely. After break up also they still stalk their exes on Facebook, twitter etc. Male Leos are more egoistic than female.

Leos can be very charming to their partners if they can win over their ego. If something happens they take that as war and they need to win it. After any small or big crash in the relationship, they always expect their partner should come to them and say sorry first. In a relationship, if they leos say sorry somehow what they generally do not , they will broadcast that to everybody, every time, whenever they will get a chance, to prove that how adjusting type they are, just to get appreciation for that from the listener.

If this Sun co-joins Rahu, Ketu or Saturn, so these negative traits become more irritating. Male Leos also react in the same way, but they do not cry, their anger is too high that they start using bad words instead. How to break up with Leo people : It is very easy to break up with them. Leos cannot understand that they give thousands of break up options to their partners, every time they meet or talk.

get link When Leos leave someone, there is no look back, they leave them forever. No, not at all, here logical means — perfection, a Virgo always look for a perfect partner, whether it is only a sexual relationship or love. They are the perfectionist in relationship matters. Why so?

Because, Virgos look for long term relationship, they do not like the short term at all, sometimes they may think, but very soon they change their mind. Before going into any relationship they will count what they are going to lose and what they are going to gain, here you can say they are little bit calculative. Unlike others, their calculations cannot be right always, but if they have already gone deep into the relationship, that time they are ready to be in the relationship, they try really very hard to keep that during break up but if at last nothing is working so they just let it go.

After a breakup, Virgos find it very difficult to get into a new relationship. Virgo has a very negative trait, they are fault-finders and cannot trust their partner easily. Their perfectionist mentality sometimes goes too far that raises new issues every day in their relationship. In a relationship, Virgos want to serve or help always. They want to take care of your all lively things. I also think so, but the reason behind the service is that they want to keep everything of you on their watch, want to interfere in everything in their own diplomatic or intellectual way so that a single deed of yours do not go out of their sight.

They cannot refrain themselves from following such habits. It happens when they are very much involved in a relationship and do not want to lose it.

How To Break Up With Each Zodiac Sign – Easily

This characteristic represents their skeptic mindedness. Another way is just to deny to take their service or help, immediately they will take it as a dead relationship. They have very high longer for beauty and romance or love.

They tend to treat their partner as their social prestige. If you are with Libra, a small but very valuable tips for you, do not go to a party with your partner without dressing up well. They want their partner should be somebody of well maintained. Libras do not like break up that much, they are against of any confrontation in a relationship. Instead, they want long lasting relationship and commitment.

They sometimes measure also how much he loves and how much his love interest loves him, this is applicable for both man and woman. Libras generally do not say goodbye to their partner, but if for any reason they say, do not take that as granted, they do not let their partner go forever till any big scene are not created. They do not create that intentionally all the time, but it happens due to their little bit clingy characteristic. Libras get this clinginess if the Sun is within 10 degrees in this sign, if it crosses 10 degrees so clinginess will be less, nearer to 30 degrees of the sign the clinginess will be that much lesser and will make less fuss what will result in calm break-up.

How to break up with Virgo people : Libras are manner conscious people. As this is the 7 th house of the natural zodiac, they are also very good social communicators, they know and try to follow all social manners, and they expect their partners to follow the same. If you want to break up with them just hurt their mannerisms consciousness. Do not follow any manner anywhere, especially where they expect from you more. Experience: 15 Years. Specialization: Dr.

Gemini Compatibility with Leo

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