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Week 1 - You rehash a love affair that went wrong, or you win over a new love interest with sassy, sexy talk. You decide to move into reality, but it's insanity to ignore the hot sparks you generated This week sets the tone for months to come A daring and impulsive week with a Full Moon shines its light on the Mister Virgo is most driven to help others, and it shows in the depth of their relationships. Zodiac Predictions Virgo. Uncategorized Zodiac Predictions Virgo. Scorpio Week 1 - You give proper attention to or even say the words a love interest wants to hear.

Pisces Week 1 - A lovely haze surrounds a love affair. Aquarius You hate feeling controlled. Sagittarius Week 1 - Your imagination runs rampant, and it's putting extra spin on a promise made to your partner - the boundaries of truth can stretch, be aware of just how far Leo Week 1 - Surrender and prepare. Libra You've been itching for a change. Cancer Week 1 - You talk about love with the physical gestures to match. Gemini Week 1 - You rehash a love affair that went wrong, or you win over a new love interest with sassy, sexy talk.

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PlanetRomeo Zodiac Predictions Virgo. Virgo — Attention to Detail Mister Virgo is most driven to help others, and it shows in the depth of their relationships. About Support Care. Privacy Statement Terms of Use. Social Media.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope – Archive

Finance horoscope For Virgo There would be significant changes in the financial standing of Virgo natives. During the year, friends and relatives would be a good source of inspiration for you to make more money. Property deals would be able to fetch you good returns for the period.

However there would unexplained expenditure related to children and elder members in the family.

daily horoscope of Virgo

Have some contingency plan to tide over this. Do not let your emotions rule your financial side. Be strict with your purse when it comes to indulgence and partying. This is because there is not much luck in store for you during the year. Those into business ventures would find the time more favorable for accumulation of finances.

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In general the monetary status of Virgo guys would be quite satisfactory for the period though major revamps are ruled out. Health horoscope For Virgo As the year starts, Virgo natives would be fit as a fiddle. As it moves on take ample time to rest, relax and rejuvenate yourself. Do go in for short breaks and trips to charge yourself positively.

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  8. Make sure a sense of optimism prevails around you this year. This would help you to tread ahead in style. After March , however some health concerns are likely for Virgo guys. Your physical side would call for attention. Avoid too much exertion as well as too much rest.

    Virgo Career Horoscope Monthly

    Strike a good balance in what you eat and what you do. Take a resolve to stop bad health habits that have been haunting you for quite a few years now.

    Prevention is better than cure when it comes to your health in general for the whole year ahead. A good balance ought to be maintained between your personal and professional life for domestic welfare and happiness.

    Zodiac Predictions Virgo

    Certain compromises are also called for in this time period. A quick and rather offensive decision needs to be taken during the year as to who stays in and who stays out of the family circle. Position yourself in the centre and try to strike good cordial with those in the family arena. Retrograde Effect Year would bring about major changes for Virgo people. You would be able to win over people and situations by your sheer wits and talks. But then domination and aggressiveness might work against your favor this period. Mars is Exalted between May and November , when impulsive actions are to be avoided at all costs. Jupiter is retrograde from March to July. This would bring about many trials for you. Be cautious with your money matters and stick onto your commitments.